J-M Seleque Champagne
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J-M Seleque Champagne

The history of the J-M Sélèque began in 1965 when Henri Sélèque planted his first vines together with his father-in-law, Jean Bagnost, who was the president of the Pierry wine cooperative at that time.

Quickly passionate about vines, Richard, son of Henri and Françoise, studied oenology and began producing Champagne when he joined the winery in 1974.

He brought modern equipment for vine cultivation and winemaking: a digger tractor, a new press, vats, etc. As a result, the estate grew rapidly, and in the 1990s, production reached 50,000 bottles.

1995 will remain in the company's memories as the year Henri passed away. The 'Comédie' blend was created to honour him with his portrait on the metal cap. Françoise - the late Henri's wife - passed away in 2011.

The third generation arrived in 2008 - Jean-Marc joined the estate after studying wine and travelling abroad. He brought new life and a very personal approach to the creation of Champagne.


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