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Gustave Lorentz

In the Alsace region, more precisely in the village of Bergheim, the Lorentz family has been dedicated to wine production for 250 years. "You cannot produce wine if you don't put your whole heart into it." This is the motto that exalts the passion of those who work in this company. A great passion has enabled Charles Lorentz, the founder, to achieve this excellence, planting the vines on the hills of Altenberg de Bergheim.

Thus, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and other varieties in the Altenberg hills express their typicality year after year. Recognition for this persistence and perseverance came in 1983, with the classification of these vineyards as 'Grand Cru'. When mother nature allows, the precious 'late harvest' and, even more, complex and rare, the 'selection of noble grapes' can be practised. The same level of care is applied in the cellar, thanks to using the most modern vinification, ageing and bottling technologies.


  • 名称
    Gustave Lorentz
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    Alsace (France)

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