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Portugal is one of the most important wine regions in the world. In the Valle del Duoro the climate is harsh, and the soil is completely covered by vineyards that seem to spring up directly from the sea, on steep slopes and enchanting valleys. Only the persistence and wisdom of the inhabitants of Douro have made it possible to produce a wine of unparalleled quality in the world, the Port.

Castelinho is a relatively young brand, born in the Douro Valley and always linked to the land, the result of the work of generations of winemakers who bring to the heart of their families the art and ancestral knowledge that allow the production of wine. Castelinho is part of the Christie's Port Wine Producer & Shipper group, which owns the property and sells its main products: the Duoro Argentea, the Douro Reserva and the Douro Premium.


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    Douro (Portugal)

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红葡萄酒 醇
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