Alain Geoffroy

Alain Geoffroy

Founded in 1850, this historic Chablis estate, 4,300 hectares in total, cultivates 45 hectares of its own vineyards all on limestone-marly soils rich in fossils, the Kimméridgien formed in the Jurassic period.

Vinification is carried out strictly in steel tanks, to preserve the freshness but above all the typicality of Chablis wines, where each cru has its own peculiarity that can be perceived right from the nose and where even the smallest differences in terroir are reflected in the individual wines.

Chablis wines are fine and elegant, capable of ageing for many years and the Domaine de Beines, through the valuable work of Alain Geoffroy and his daughters Cathy and Nathalie, is a great interpreter of the tradition of this area of Burgundy.


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    Alain Geoffroy
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    Chablis (France)
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Alain Geoffroy
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