Feudo Antico

Ideas rooted in tradition and history, use of innovative viticulture techniques and responsibility towards the environment: this is how the company has reconnected with the land, with the ambitious aim of revitalising the past and preserving it for the future. The company believes in knowledge and relies on the passion that has always linked it to its land. These are the foundations of the Feudo Antico project.

Love for the land and respect for the environment guide the company in handing down the traditions, culture and secrets of our history. Viticulture, knowing how to make wine, is the founding character of Feudo Antico, a talent flowing in veins and the deep roots of this land for a long time.

The indigenous crops bring new life to protect an environment that is as wonderful as it is fragile while strengthening the Tollese community's sense of belonging to its roots. Archaeology tells the history, the experience and the vocation of the land: this is the inspiration that comes from the past to take the community into the future.

À propos de Feudo Antico

  • Nom
    Feudo Antico
  • Région :
  • Année de lancement
  • Adresse
    Via Crocevecchia, 101 - Tollo (CH)
  • Site web
  • Œnologue
    Riccardo Brighigna
  • Bouteilles produites
    80 000
  • Hectares

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Blanc biologique tranquille
Feudo Antico
DOCG Tullum Bianco, 100% Pecorino
13,50%, 0,75 l
LM 94
GR 3
VT 4
Prix € 10,32
Économiser € 0,12 (1%)
€ 10,20 TVA excl.
Blanc vin mousseux méthode charmat brut
Feudo Antico
VSQ , 100% Pecorino
12,00%, 0,75 l
€ 7,97 TVA excl.
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Blanc vin mousseux méthode charmat brut
Feudo Antico
VSQ , 100% Passerina
12,00%, 0,75 l
€ 7,97 TVA excl.
Rouge vert tranquille
Feudo Antico
DOCG Tullum Rosso,
14,50%, 0,75 l
€ 17,09 TVA excl.
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