The house and countryside of Gnirega in the municipality of Marano Valpolicella were part of a larger agricultural estate, which had been owned by four families, the Marquises Gherardini at the end of 1500 (in 1652 there is Bernardino Gherardini), the Nicolini (lawyers and doctors) since 1667, the Leoni (grandchildren of a Gherardini) family of people of arms since 1754, then Leone de Leoni in the early 1800s, the lawyer Emanuele, Clelia and Rita Cuzzeri since 1888, and then Pietro Clementi since 1970.

Since 1640, some districts and some localities have been found, referred to in ancient documents, as follows such as the Pozze, Perlè, Laghi, Perlar, Masua, Le Quare, Paverno, Case soto al bosco, and of course Gnirega.

The manor house, located at 300 mt. altitude (it is mentioned in 1652 - owner was Bernardino Gherardini), was then built in the early 1600s and then expanded into its current form - twenty rooms, a large barn and a cellar - presumably in the mid-nineteenth century, as evidenced by the contours of tuff doors and windows, and some nineteenth-century frescoes inside the house.

The house in Gnirega is always open to children, relatives, guests and friends who find a warm welcome and "bread, salami and wine".
In the small basement cellar at the back of the house has always produced wine in small quantities, but in large barrels of carved wood. And it is in this cellar that Pietro Clementi, lawyer, practiced to produce wine from 1970 to 2004.

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