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Grape variety Minnella Bianca
Synonyms Minnedda bianca, Minedda bianca, "Minnedda ianca", Eppula
Grape colour White grape
Variety Autochthonous
Vigour Poor
Ripening Between the second and third week of September.
Productivity Quite poor; form of small-scale breeding (low sapling), short and poor pruning.
Areas of cultivation Sicily
History The vine has been described using a clone of "white Minnella" in the vineyard of the bar. Carmelo Nicolosi Asmundo, located in Milo (province of Catania), district "Villagrande". The characters found in the aforementioned vineyard were then compared with those of the "white Minnella", cultivated in the areas of Zafferana Etnea, Mascalucia, Trecastagni, Misterbianco, all in the province of Catania.
Ampelographic features Leaf: medium, pentagonal, tri-quinquelobata; U-shaped sinziolar sinus, more or less wide, or in lyre; upper lateral sinuses, irregular, in general, with narrow and overlapping edges, or with open or closed lyre; lower side breasts slightly noticeable, V more or less open, V-shaped narrow with parallel edges; well-marked upper lobes, less marked, wavy lower lobes, especially the upper ones; angle to the top of the acute terminal lobe; upper page of deep green color, surface of the wavy flap, slightly glossy, thin, slightly arachnoid, more arachnoid along the I and II order ribs; lower page of light green, woolly, almost sub-cottony; slightly and partially red ribs, superior and inferior; lower ribs of order I and II sub-lanustrous; protruding those of I, II and III order; teeth with convex margins (in some leaves there are teeth on one side concave and on the other convex, among those with convex margins), irregular, pronounced and mucronate; broad based. Cluster: medium-large, 18-24 cm long, pyramidal, simple or with a wing, of medium-sized aspect; visible peduncle, 3-4 cm long, semi-woody; medium pedicel, green, with evident and warty little circles, warts scattered along the pedicel; short brush, light green; separation of the pedicel of the berry: easy. Grape: medium-sized, with a characteristic ellipsoidal shape, with a regular (circular) cross-section; golden-yellow or slightly golden-yellow skin, pruinose, thin, consistent; persistent and prominent navel; soft pulp, with a simple taste, sweet (sometimes insipid), colorless juice.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety The wine obtained from the white minnella vine is straw-yellow in color. On the palate it is fine, aromatic, gentle.
Notes Resistance to meteoric adversities, diseases and pests: not very resistant, especially to frost and powdery mildew.

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