Quinta De La Rosa Porto White Extra Dry Port 0.5L
Quinta De La Rosa Porto White Extra Dry Port 0.5L
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Douro - Portugal
Weißwein likörwein trocken, dry oder sec



10 - 12°C.


15 – 25 Jahre


Quinta De La Rosa Porto White Extra Dry Port 0.5L

This Port should be served slightly chilled and is also a good compliment to rich pates and fois gras. Good to drink cold as an aperitif or with a mixer. White Port and tonic is a particular favourite on the terrace at La Rosa in the summer whilst nibbling on some home produced roasted almonds. Make it like a gin and tonic together with ice and a slice of lemon. For immediate consumption.
All our ports are made in the ‘house style’ namely slightly drier without any cloying sweetness that can be associated with some other ports. We also work hard making sure the brandy is well integrated. As with our wines, we search for harmony and equilibrium from our vineyards and we try to enable the grapes to express themselves in the bottle. The La Rosa style is to make well defined wines without too much extraction and tannin.
A first class aperitif wine, a beautiful amber/honey colour, it shows excellent fruit on the palate, but at the same time has a long relatively dry finish.




Name Quinta De La Rosa Porto White Extra Dry Port 0.5L
Typ Weißwein likörwein trocken, dry oder sec
Herkunftsbezeichnung N/A
Format 0,50 l
Alkoholgehalt 19,50% vol.
Rebsorten Malvasia, Rabigato
Anbauregion Douro
Weinlese We practice a sustainable agricultural regime being part of ADVID & SATIVA. We don’t use genetically modified organisms nor do we use animal products so vegetarians can drink our wines. We recycle where possible and are HACCP & BRC rated
Produktionsverfahren The first pressings of the white grapes are taken off to be made into white wine. When the pH starts to rise, the last approximately 10% of the juice is drawn off into stainless steel vats, to be made into white port. When the fermenting juice reaches 1º Beaume, brandy is added to stop the fermentation.
Ausbau The White Port is then stored in small wooden casks and matured in our own lodge at La Rosa. The White Port is blended from stocks held at La Rosa and has an average age of 2-3 years. Unlike most port shippers, all products are stored and bottled in the Douro (at La Rosa and not Porto), allowing full traceability and ensuring quality from grape to bottle.
Gesamtsäuregehalt 3,00 gr/L
pH-Wert 3,80
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
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Quinta de la Rosa has been in the Bergqvist family since 1906, although they have been in the port trade as shippers under the family name, Feueheerd, since 1815. It currently has around 55 hectares under vine and produces around 50,000 litres of po...

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