Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2000
Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2000
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Toskana - Italien
Weißwein passito (trockenbeerwein) süß



12 - 14°C.


15 – 25 Jahre


Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2000

You cannot say that Vin Santo Avignonesi is a separate thing, because every Vin Santo is a separate thing. Instead, one can say that every vinsantaia has its own Vin Santo. And it can even be said that every cask has its own Vin Santo. They differ in colour, aromatic framework, density, structure, sweetness, acidity. And each of them in its own way, but in an unmistakable way, has the flavour of Tuscany.


Amber yellow.


The nose alternates a considerable wealth of sensations ranging from grapes go to candied fruit and hints of minerals from the tobacco


The mouth is full and balanced with acidity that balances the residual sugar and gives a long, elegant finish.


Meditation wine, exclusive to food pairings, and you should serve it in small quantities, but in large glasses.



Name Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2000
Typ Weißwein passito (trockenbeerwein) süß
Jahrgang 2000
Format 0,375 l
Alkoholgehalt 12,50% vol.
Rebsorten Grechetto, Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia
Anbauregion Toskana
Geschichte You cannot produce great wines if you do not start with great grapes. Producing little per vine and little per hectare, in well-built, well-exposed, well-ventilated and well-cultivated vineyards, is a sacrosanct rule. It applies to all wines and especially to Vin Santo. Varietal aromas are not detectable in the finished Vin Santo. It is therefore difficult to make a classification of the most suitable varieties. In general, it can be said that preference should be given to varieties that produce grapes suitable for drying, i.e. well ripe, with resistant skins and sparse bunches. We mainly use 2 white grape varieties: Malvasia Toscana and a Greco, which we colourfully call 'Flea in the Ass', because of an obvious black dot it has on the underside of the berry. Our experience teaches us that, even in a well-cultivated vineyard, the percentage of grapes suitable for Vin Santo production rarely exceeds 20%.
Standort A few kilometers from Montepulciano, close to Valian, in the hills of the Chiana Valley closed, stands the 19th-century Le Capezzine. Impeccably restored, it is the heart of the company and contains spacious cellars for vinification, cellars for ageing, vinsantaia, crusher, storage rooms, warehouses and offices. The main building is intended to lodge. The estate comprises 19 hectares of which 7 are vineyards (Blackthorn Gentile) as follows: 6 of vineyards and a settonce sapling to settonce with another dedicated to testing the density ranging from 2,000 to 8,500 vines per hectare with six different rootstocks, 4 are dedicated to growing native grapes of Montepulciano and the surrounding area.
Produktionsverfahren After harvesting, the bunches of grapes are taken to the drying room to be spread out in a single layer and not too thickly, over canes arranged on various levels and supported by wooden castles. The drying process lasts 6 months, during which the grapes are never touched for any reason. The only variation to the old techniques, certainly an improvement, is at the time of pressing, with the use of pneumatic presses, which have replaced the old screw presses. The quantity of must obtained never exceeds 15% of the fresh grapes and contains a very high percentage of sugar (55 to 60%).
Weinbereitung After about 2 months, at the end of natural decantation, the must is put into small barrels generally made of oak of about 50 litres. The kegs are not non-returnable, like barriques. They last as long as they do not show perfume defects and they are able to hold. These are only filled to nine-tenths of their volume, with 2 litres of mother yeast and 43 litres of must. The madre is a kind of dark, dense sediment that is found, well separated from the Vin Santo, at the bottom of the casks and contains families of ferments specialised in living and multiplying in such a sugar-rich medium
Ausbau Ageing: in oak barrels for 10 years. Bottle ageing: 6 months.
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
Speiseempfehlung Meditation wine, exclusive to food pairings, and you should serve it in small quantities, but in large glasses.
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