Peyrot Cognac X.O
Peyrot Cognac X.O

Francois Peyrot, 0,70 l - 40,00%

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16 - 18°C.


Peyrot Cognac X.O

"I Francois Peyrot, I certify that this Cognac comes exclusively from our" Les Bergeronnettes "grape variety located in" Grande Champagne "and brings the most prestigious denomination of 1er Cru de Cognac." This statement by Francois Peyrot is worth more than anything else can be said about this Cognac. X.O., Extra Old, aged more than 25 years in oak barrels, resulting in a complex and mature bouquet. The Cognac X.O. by Francois Peyrot, if tasted with the soul of those who want to be surprised, he can easily become an irreplaceable trusted friend.


Amber gold color.


The nose comes with an explosion of perfumes with a continuous crescendo, among which are recognized aromas of fruit, vanilla and nuts.


In the mouth is predominantly persistent, intense and delicate at the same time.


Name Peyrot Cognac X.O
Art des Destillats Cognac
Format 0,70 l
Alkoholgehalt 40,00% vol.
Land Frankreich
Anbauregion Südwesten
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
Im Angebot Preis Peyrot Cognac X.O CHF 67,85  inkl. USt.
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Each day, since 1956, with the utmost commitment to the gestures of all time, the result of a "savoir-faire" sent by father to his son for decades, the Cognac of Maison Francois Peyrot, born of passion, fatigue and perseverance, are born. The 25 hect...

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