Don Papa Rum 10 years old
Don Papa Rum 10 years old

Don Papa Rum, 0,70 l - 43,00%

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12 - 14°C.


Don Papa Rum 10 years old


Extremely sweet, which I find overwhelming, characterized by an excessive vanilla, amalgam reminiscent of Cointreau and, at times, Grand Marnier, with notes of citrus, plum, banana, coconut and milk chocolate.


Of medium body, it is less sweet than olfactory thanks to discrete oranges mixed with licorice. Again vanilla, next to red fruits and bitter cocoa. Better than the smell no doubt, however, it seems to me definitely not harmonious.


Name Don Papa Rum 10 years old
Art des Destillats Rum
Format 0,70 l
Alkoholgehalt 43,00% vol.
Land Philippinen
Anbauregion Philippinen
Hergestellt von Negros Island Sugar Cane.
Standort Philippines
Ausbau In ex-bourbon barrels that are carbonized inside before re-use.
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
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Davon brennerei:

So named in honor of Dionysius Magbuelas, also known as "Pope" Isio, key figure in the Philippine Revolution. The intention of the creators of Don Papa is to make a quality rum, using a variety of sugar cane generally well-considered. In addition to...

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