Dillon Rhum Tres Vieux Vsop
Dillon Rhum Tres Vieux Vsop

Dillon, 0,70 l - 43,00%

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12 - 14°C.


Dillon Rhum Tres Vieux Vsop

One of the most popular products in the world, Rhum Agricole Tres Vieux has aged 15 years in small oak barrels. Only thanks to the maniacal care for details and total adherence to ancient recipes can you taste products with a unique character, rich in history but above all delicious.


Dark amber color.


On the nose the aromas are complex with notes of chocolate, dried fruit and vanilla.


In the mouth it is fine and soft, with a slight caramel note.


Name Dillon Rhum Tres Vieux Vsop
Art des Destillats Rum
Format 0,70 l
Alkoholgehalt 43,00% vol.
Land Karibik
Anbauregion Martinique
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
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Davon brennerei:

Located at the southern entrance of Fort-de-France, Distilleria Dillon has been producing Rhum for centuries, appreciated and recognized worldwide for their prestige and for the highest quality levels they can achieve. Founded in the eighteenth centu...

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