Capovilla Distillato di Bacche di Sambuco 0.5L
Capovilla Distillato di Bacche di Sambuco 0.5L

Capovilla, 0,50 l - 41,00%

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CHF 122,56
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Venetien - Italien



10 - 12°C.


Capovilla Distillato di Bacche di Sambuco 0.5L

The fruit is processed within a few hours of collection and distilled without addition of alcohol and sugars. In order to maintain the taste and aroma nuances in the distillation phase, Capovilla acts on the distillation time and temperature regimes ranging from 78 ° (boiling point of alcohol) to 100 ° (boiling point of water) . Today its specialty of distillates is tens, each derived from a specific variety of fruits, even very particular, sometimes derived from the fruits of a single plant.


Name Capovilla Distillato di Bacche di Sambuco 0.5L
Art des Destillats Frucht
Format 0,50 l
Alkoholgehalt 41,00% vol.
Land Italien
Anbauregion Venetien
Standort Rosà (VI)
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
Im Angebot Preis Capovilla Distillato di Bacche di Sambuco 0.5L CHF 122,56  inkl. USt.
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The passion for the world of distillates was born by accident in '74, the year I started to deal with machinery for oenology. Numerous trips abroad, particularly Switzerland, Germany and Austria, allowed me to discover the world of distillation whic...

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