Boinaud Vodka Kookla 40°
Boinaud Vodka Kookla 40°

Maison Boinaud, 0,70 l - 40,00%

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Boinaud Vodka Kookla 40°

Extraordinary vodka blend produced by Maison Boinaud, coming from the best quality French wheat distillation. Thanks to the centenary experience in blend manufacturing, the master distillery has created a product of excellence of its kind. A personality decisive, attractive to the taste for its exquisite purity and refined elegance, with notes of freshness that persist for a long time on the palate.


Name Boinaud Vodka Kookla 40°
Art des Destillats Vodka
Format 0,70 l
Alkoholgehalt 40,00% vol.
Land Frankreich
Anbauregion Südwesten
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
Im Angebot Preis Boinaud Vodka Kookla 40° CHF 45,99  inkl. USt.
Davon brennerei:

Domaine Boinaud, owners of De Luze, represents tradition and competence in Cognac distillation for 24 generations, with an extension of 410 hectares wholly owned in Grande Champagne. Skills, which guarantee the high quality and personality of Cognac ...

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