Black Jamaica Rum XO
Black Jamaica Rum XO

Black Jamaica, 0,70 l - 40,00%

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12 - 14°C.


Black Jamaica Rum XO

The Black Jamaica rum XO is a robust, raw rum that first slaps your palate and then soothes you with a soft luscious caramel. It's not a fine rum, played on flavor, taste variations or elegant tones, no, it's all substance, heat, rhythm and very tasty flavors. As meditation rum is discreet, somewhat uncoordinated, but not excellent: all this alcoholic thickness makes it suitable for palates accustomed to pirates. Of course, if you are preparing a Dark and Stormy, it's fabulous. It's a brave, very fragrant product and it's just that the cut is not tailor-made ...


The scent is complex, intriguing, mottled with nuts, precious woods, honey, saffron, dates, cocoa, tobacco and tropical fruit notes. Vanilla and cinnamon puffs, large smoked notes and well-delineated notes. How bouquet is appreciable and dynamic. Not bad.


In the mouth is powerful, alcoholic and very tannic with marvelous walnut malt flavors that leave the mouth shut, dry. However, there is some development and it can offer good notes and good freshness.


Name Black Jamaica Rum XO
Art des Destillats Rum
Format 0,70 l
Alkoholgehalt 40,00% vol.
Land Karibik
Anbauregion Jamaika
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
Im Angebot Preis Black Jamaica Rum XO CHF 67,31  inkl. USt.
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Jamaica is the country with the highest number of bars per capita in the world: rum is offered in every corner, so fundamental in Jamaican culture that even those who do not drink have a bottle. Black Jamaica embodies the free spirit of this island,...

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