Antinori Brandy
Antinori Brandy

Antinori, 0,70 l - 42,00%

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Toskana - Italien



12 - 14°C.


Antinori Brandy

In a thirty-year period our brandy is only made four times, in very limited quantities. It is aged for 6 years in small oak barrels and has a typical very soft, elegant style.


Honey colour reflections


Intense aromas of oak and vanilla which accompany notes of orange flowers and tea to complete the bouquet.


The palate is warm, supple, and velvety with excellent length on the finish and aftertaste.


Name Antinori Brandy
Art des Destillats Brandy
Format 0,70 l
Alkoholgehalt 42,00% vol.
Land Italien
Anbauregion Toskana
Hergestellt von Produced exclusively from Trebbiano grapes.
Geschichte It is in the Chianti Classico region that one finds the historic estates of the Marchesi Antinori, wine producers since 1385 who have been in love with these lands since that time. The "specialties" and the olive oils pay homage to the wealth of the Chianti countryside and to its most characteristic and genuine products, resulting from a 100- year old agricultural and wine-making tradition.
Standort The Chianti Classico region is the heart of Tuscany and of "Tuscanity". Not only from a geographic point of view but also because of its historic significance; for the culture, the traditions, and for its landscape-- of extraordinary intensity and beauty.
Ausbau It is aged for six years in small oak barrels and is characterized by an especially mellow and elegant style.
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
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