Vernaccia di Pergola

Vernaccia di Pergola

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Geschichte The vine, which today we know to be an aleatic clone of Aleatico, was certainly brought to Pergola by the city's founders Eugubini in 1234. It is therefore the son of a genetic mutation of a grape coming from either Elba or the area of ​​Gradoli. It begins to speak of Vernaccia Rossa di Pergola from the year 1520 according to a historical research carried out by the agronomist Guido Bruschi in 1963 and published on "Our Agriculture" of the time. The Bruschi writes: "The most requested wine in Umbria and it was a commodity exchange between Pergola and this region, especially for the import of oil. It was introduced at the beginning of 1800 also in Rome and there was recognized one of the most important wines Precious, to compete with those of the Roman Hills. " The nearly extinct vine was recovered and reproduced in the early 1980s with a patient search on existing old rows, by Francesco Tonelli of the "Villa Ligi" Farm.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale The wines that come from this rare grape have elegant scents that resemble cherry, cherry, and small berries with a slight spicy tone.

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