Vermentino Nero

Vermentino Nero

Autochthon - (Einheimisch)-Weinverkauf

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Rebsorte Vermentino Nero
Synonyme Vermentina nera. In Toscana, ed in particolare nella zona di Massa Carrara dove è coltivato, non ha sinonimi accertati.
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Wuchskraft Mittel gut
Traubenreife Last ten days of September - first ten days of October.
Produktivität Abundant and fairly constant in the clone in question.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaves pentagonal, medium-large, tri- and quinquelobed with U-shaped petiolar sinus; lyre-shaped and V-shaped upper lateral sinuses, sometimes with overlapping edges; lower lateral sinuses, when present, narrow V-shaped or with parallel edges; leaf blade flat or slightly bent like a gutter, often smooth or slightly wavy; lobes flat; angle at top of terminal lobes acute; Upper side generally glabrous, dark green, almost opaque or slightly shiny, with green veins; lower side slightly arachnoid or with residual arachnoid tomentum, light green; prominent light green first, second and third order veins; fairly pronounced, irregular, straight-edged, more or less acute teeth with a medium-wide base. Berry: medium to large, regular; usually almost spheroid, but sometimes slightly ovoid; transverse diameter 12-18 mm; pruinose, bleu or varnish-blue skin with regular distribution of colouring; medium firm; juicy flesh with colourless or almost colourless juice, neutral flavour; medium-long, green pedicels; pronounced, green rim; short pinna. Bunch at industrial maturity: large (length 18-27 cm), semi-compact, elongated, pyramid-shaped, winged; visible peduncle, semi-woody, large.
Noten Disease resistance: to common vine pests has normal resistance.

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