Petit Rouge

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Rebsorte Petit Rouge
Synonyme Picciou rouge, Picciou oriou, Oriou lombard.
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Wuchskraft Mittel
Produktivität Quite regular, but generally just average.
Anbaugebiet Valle d'Aosta
Geschichte The first traces of its cultivation date back to ancient Rome. Like many other Valdostan vines, it seems to be able to relate to the Orious family, which in turn includes two subfamilies, the "Gros Orious" and the "Petits Orious" to which the Petit Rouge vine belongs.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: medium size, cordiform, trilobata or just quinquelobata, with almost closed laryngeal pectoral breast, narrow (upper), closed, closed; Inferior almost missing; Upper lip glaze, slightly clothed lower, with hairs along ribs; Flap folded to gutter or cup; Surface of the wavy flap, with small but diffuse bollosity; Protruding ribs with pale green ribs, tending to red on the top, teeth rather minute but irregular; Color dark green, glabrous, semi-glossy. Bunch: medium size with small tendency (15 to 18 cm long); Medium tight; Truncated pyramidal shape with two wings; Semi-wood peduncle; Pedicels rather long; With noticeable, reddish notes; Medium brush, light red. Acino: rather small, round, regular, with generally persistent and prominent navel; Very pebbly skin, intense red-blue-purple; Rather thin and tender; Colorless or slightly colored juice; Simple flavor, sweetly sweet; Separation of the acorn from the easy pediment.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale Purple red wine, with intense and vivid aroma, quite soft and alcoholic.
Noten Resistance to adversity: Resists well in cold winter; But it is sensitive to excessive humidity in soil and air, and it is very sensitive to sunburn, often because the vine is mostly cultivated in midday exposure and in light soils that can benefit from heat Coming from the reverberation of the sun on the rocks behind; Rather delicate to the mildew, but especially to the oedus; And in the vines in which they inflate, to the thistles.

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Rotwein still
DOC Valle d'Aosta Torrette, Fumin, 80% Petit Rouge
12,50%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 20,44
Ersparnis CHF 4,28 (21%)
CHF 16,16 inkl. USt.
Nur mehr 4 Flaschen verfügbar
Rotwein naturnah still
DOC Valle d'Aosta Torrette Superiore, 10% Fumin, 75% Petit Rouge, 5% Prié Rouge- Premetta, 10% Cornallin
13,50%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 27,01
Ersparnis CHF 3,96 (15%)
CHF 23,05 inkl. USt.
Rosewein naturnah still
Les Crêtes
DOC Valle d'Aosta Rosato, Pinot Nero, Petit Rouge
12,00%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 21,59
Ersparnis CHF 7,16 (33%)
CHF 14,43 inkl. USt.
Nur mehr eine Flasche verfügbar
Rotwein still
DOC Valle d'Aosta Torrette Superiore, 25% Fumin, 70% Petit Rouge, 5% Cornallin
13,50%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 31,03
Ersparnis CHF 5,40 (17%)
CHF 25,63 inkl. USt.
Nur mehr 5 Flaschen verfügbar
Rotwein naturnah still
Les Crêtes
DOC Valle d'Aosta Torrette, 30% Pinot Nero, 70% Petit Rouge
13,50%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 18,50
Ersparnis CHF 6,33 (34%)
CHF 12,17 inkl. USt.

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