Lambrusco Viadanese

Lambrusco Viadanese

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Rebsorte Lambrusco Viadanese
Synonyme lambrusco di Viadana, grappello ruberti, montecchio.
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Aroma Neutral
Wuchskraft Gut
Traubenreife End of September - early October.
Produktivität Good and constant.
Anbaugebiet It is widespread in the mantovani and, in the least, in the Cremona.
Geschichte The Lambrusco Viadanese grape comes from the municipality of Viadana, in the mantovano. The vine is probably native to wild vines, resulting in the term Lambrusco from the Latin "Vitis Lambrusca" or wild. These grapes were also called "uzeline" or "oseline" for the fact that, growing on the edge of the forests, they were plundered by the birds that they wanted. The Lambrusco Viadanese vine is also known as "Groppello Ruberti", from the name of the enologist who decreed the best vine of the province.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: medium size, pentagonal, trilobate and rarely quinquelobata; Upper pectoral breast U, upper closed lateral sinuses; Below mentioned; Upper page glabra, dark green, opaque; Glittering lower with velvety ribs and gray-green color; Wavy flap, lobes quite marked, lanceolate the median; Corner at the top of the nearly straight rectangular lobes; the edge of the flap slightly oblong; The main ribs of green color, very clear on the lower side, protruding those of 1st and 2nd order; Medium sized teeth, regular, slightly convex, broad-based; In the form and in the tomentum it remembers the leaf of the "Raboso veronese", only that it is more often trilobed while in the "Raboso veronese" it is 5-7 lobata. Bunch: medium (about 18-20 cm long), cylindrical, compact; Visible peduncle, herbaceous, green, slightly pink. Acino: medium (15 to 16 mm transverse diameter), steroid, sometimes irregular for compression, persistent navel, very pruinous skin, uniform black, thick, thick color; Juicy flesh, neutral flavor, colorless juice; Mid-length pedicels, green with noticeable, verrucous, brownish tenderness; Medium brush, purplish color. Uniformly and very pruinose.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale The wine obtained from the Lambrusco viadanese grape is of ruby ​​red color, intense. On the palate it is fresh, vinous, floral, fragrant.

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