Grappello Ruberti

Grappello Ruberti

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Rebsorte Grappello Ruberti
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Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Wuchskraft Mittel gut
Geschichte Grappello Ruberti is a black grape variety used to produce Lambrusco Mantovano, a DOC product since 1987. It is grown in the Mantuan Oltrepò area, in particular in the area of the Cantina Sociale di Quistello. It was only in 2013 that the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry recognised Grappello Ruberti, thus differentiating it from Lambrusco Viadanese, to which it was previously assimilated.
Ampelographische Merkmale Grappolo Ruberti has a medium-sized, cylindrical, elongated bunch with medium-sized, spherical, blue-black berries.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale A fairly intense ruby red wine, acidulous, fairly alcoholic, tannic and slightly sparkling.

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Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara
DOC Lambrusco Mantovano Rosso, 100% Grappello Ruberti
11,00%, 0,75 l
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