Alicante Bouschet

Alicante Bouschet

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Rebsorte Alicante Bouschet
Synonyme Garnacha Tintorera
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Wuchskraft Sehr gut
Anbaugebiet Spain
Ampelographische Merkmale Created by the nurseryman Henri Bouschet starting from an intersection invented by the father between Petit Bouschet and Grenache. Outside of France it is cultivated mainly in Spain, where it is called Garnacha Tintorera, but also in Portugal, Corsica, former Yugoslavia, Israel and North Africa. The vine is also present in Tuscany and Sardinia. His best qualities are in color and in alcohol potential.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale This interesting feature makes the wines resulting from the use of this type of grape have a very attractive colour intensity. Its dark colour, a strong cherry red, perfectly coordinates with the intensity of its flavour, with hints of olive and black pepper, dark chocolate and a delicious red and ripe black fruits finish.

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Poggio al Tufo
IGT Toscana, 100% Alicante Bouschet
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Rotwein still
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