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Pierre Legras

In the beginning, there was Pierre Legras, born in 1662, a contemporary of Louis XIV and Dom Pérignon. Since then, 11 generations have succeeded one another. Each bottle of Pierre Legras Champagne embodies the spirit of its founders.

The birth of Pierre Legras marked the beginning of a great line of winemakers. Eleven generations have followed each other for nearly four hundred years: Pierre, Pierre the 2nd, Jean-Baptiste the 3rd, Honoré the 4th, Jean-Baptiste the 5th, Simon-Auguste the 6th, Théodore-André the 7th, Elie-Edmond the 8th, Lucien the 9th, Philippe the 10th, and Vincent the 11th.

After training at the Avize Wine School and graduating with a National Diploma in Oenology, Vincent, in 2002, created the Champagne name of Pierre Legras, a tribute to his distant ancestor. Assisted by his father, he developed the business over the years. The domaine grew from 5 to more than 10 hectares. He invested little by little: in a press, in vats, in vines … these many commitments a necessity to offer wines that lived up to his ambitions.

In 2011, Marcelline joined him. Together, they developed the name internationally. Today, the inimitable style of Pierre Legras wines goes beyond borders.


  • 名稱
    Pierre Legras
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  • 開始年份
  • 地址
    Rue de Saint-Chamand, 28 - Choully (France)
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  • 釀酒師
    Vincent Legras
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