The Miani winery is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a high quality wine producing region capable of producing excellent white wines is conducted by Enzo Pontoni, a true "expert of the plant".
From the beginning of his productive history this reserved and reflective man has put all his energies into the raison d'être of every single individual, almost considering it a microclimate in its own right, capable of generating a highly individual fruit in its dimensions and flavors.

From here and from the exceptional care of the land, products of great intensity are born whose purpose is to do justice to an absolutely peculiar terroir inside the Eastern Hills, represented by an authentic grand cru like the village of Buttrio. Over time, even the work in the cellar has taken on increasingly refined tones in the clear ambition of gaining a position of classicism and finesse far from excessive clamor in full coherence with a Franciscan nature, respectful of vegetables, animals and human beings.


  • 名稱
  • 地區:
  • 開始年份
  • 地址
    Via Peruzzi, 10 - Buttrio (UD)
  • 釀酒師
    Mirko Degan
  • 生產數量
  • 公頃

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