Chateau Gruaud Larose

Chateau Gruaud Larose

Each generation has witnessed the blossoming of genuine artist-winemakers. Without the willpower and good work of these men, the terroirs would have become mere fields of vines. They have made and are still making a world-class vineyard. The work of man in the vine is solitary, hard and comes with responsibilities. The gesture is both simple and complicated, the ambition both simple and spectacular, the work both paced and infinite. The tradition of the gesture reinforces the modernity of the techniques, experience consolidates with new viticultural innovation.


  • 名稱
    Chateau Gruaud Larose
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    Saint-Julien Beychevelle (France)
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紅葡萄酒 醇
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紅葡萄酒 醇
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紅葡萄酒 醇
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