Cantina Valle Isarco

Cantina Valle Isarco

The Cantina’s first site was located in the celebrated cellars of the Reinthalerhof estate. Anton Gfader, its owner, was named its first manager by the 24 founding members. After a fire ravaged the old Reinthalerhof estate in the winter of 1962, the executive office of the Cantina decided to purchase the ruins and set up a new, modern, efficient production facility.

In 1975, however, a major snowstorm crushed the production building at the facility, so the Cantina Produttori Valle Isarco moved to its current headquarters, which can be easily reached from the Chiusa motorway exit and from the Brennero state highway. In 2005, a new production facility was built at the Chiusa site, and the old plant was given a general restoration.

At present, the Cantina Produttori Valle Isarco has 130 members from 11 municipalities: Varna, Bressanone, Funes/Tiso, Velturno, Chiusa, Laion, Castelrotto, Villandro, Barbiano, Fié and Renon


  • 名稱
    Cantina Valle Isarco
  • 地區:
  • 開始年份
  • 地址
    Via Coste, 50 - Chiusa (BZ)
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  • 釀酒師
    Hannes Munter
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  • 公頃
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