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葡萄品種 Spergola
同義詞 In diversi documenti sono riportate le denominazioni Spergolina e Pellegrina ad indicare la varietà Spergola, mentre è errata la identificazione del termine Spergola come sinonimo locale di Sauvignon. Vengono citate dal Di Rovasenda una Spargoletta bianca, coltivata a Sassuolo di Modena, e una Pellegrina o Pissotta fra le uve bianche di Mirandola. Occorre poi specificare che con il nome "Spergolina verde", nella zona di Scandiano veniva identificata la varietà Semillon, ora presente in misura pressoché irrilevante.
葡萄色 白葡萄
初始蔓延 土人
活力 挺好
成熟期 September 15-25.
生產率 Regular, medium-high (17-20 t/ha).
產區 Spergola is one of the native white grape varieties of the Emilia-Romagna region, officially registered since 2002. Its cultivated area at national level amounts to 110 ha.
歷史 Spergola has been present in Emilia-Romagna since the 15th century, although in more recent years it has been progressively abandoned or in some cases confused with Sauvignon.
識別葡萄品種特徵 分類 Leaf: of medium size, tendentially wedge-shaped and at times pentagonal, usually trilobed or, at times, whole; the flap tends to be flat; open peziolar sinus, with U-shaped base, at times with a tooth; shallow upper lateral sinuses, at times just mentioned, with base mostly U-shaped, closed, but at times also V-shaped and open; the lower ones are absent; upper page of medium green colour, with green veins; on the veins there are some short hairs; lower page with bristly main veins due to the presence of short or medium-low hairs mixed with some long hairs; between the veins the tomentum becomes downy due to the average presence of lying hairs; the straight hairs are very sparse; irregular teeth, with convex margins, with wide base. Industrial maturity bunch: medium size (average weight 230-250 g), cylindrical or pyramidal, somewhat stocky, medium-short (160-170 mm), often winged (2 wings), medium compact to compact; visible stalk, short (about 4 cm), medium lignified. Berry: spheroidal, at times slightly flattened, with persistent navel, short, medium-small (15,2 x 14,9 mm), of average weight of about 2 grams; quite easy detachment of the berry from the pedicel; pruinose skin, yellowish-green colour.
特色酒 From Spergola we obtain a wine with a pale straw yellow colour, a delicate floral aroma with hints of apple and a fragrant taste and good acidity.
筆記 Resistance to disease and adversity: shows average sensitivity to powdery mildew and downy mildew; less sensitive to botrytis than Sauvignon. Demands: offers the best performance in terms of quality when grown in white hillside soils, well exposed, not damp, lean.

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