葡萄品種 Poulsard
同義詞 Ploussard
葡萄色 紅葡萄
產區 France in the Jura.
歷史 Poulsard or ploussard, a red berried grape, is a typical vine that has grown in the Jura range since the 15th century.
特色酒 Thin skins and pale coloring are the most obvious traits of Poulsard, while delicate perfumes are a lesser-known quality. Red wines produced from Poulsard may be so lacking in color that they are mistaken as rosé, and indeed white wine (Blanc de Noir) can be made from it by limiting skin contact.
筆記 This grape is characterized by a very fine skin with poor chromatic power. It is currently the second most common variety in Jura representing about 20% of the vineyard area.

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