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葡萄品种 Verdejo
葡萄色 白葡萄
初始蔓延 土人
产区 Spain DO Rueda, Toro e Clades.
特色酒 Verdejo, a white grape variety, produces a very fragrant wine on the nose, with aromas of rhymed apple, pear that evolve into hints of hazelnut and honey. It usually gives structured and balanced wines that, over time, tend to oxidize. In recent years, it has had the greatest growth boost thanks to substantial investment and innovative cellar techniques (hyper-oxidation and hyperoxidation).

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白葡萄酒 green 醇
Marques de Caceres
DO Rueda, 100% Verdejo
13.50%, 0,75 l
价格 HK$ 109.00
Saving HK$ 11.99 (11%)
HK$ 97.01

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