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葡萄品种 Torbato
同义词 caninu, razola, cuscosedda bianca.
葡萄色 白葡萄
初始蔓延 土人
活力 中好
成熟期 Towards the end of September.
生产率 Media and also abundant, but inconvenient.
产区 It is popular mainly in the province of Sassari.
历史 The Torbato grape variety is present in Sardinia in the Alghero area, and is of undoubted Spanish origins, being imported during Catalan domination. It is also known as Iberian Vitis and with the dialectical names of Catalan Grapes or Turbat.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaf: medium or small, orbicular, trilobata or quinquelobata; Petiole breast in lira, open or semi-closed or even ellipsoidal and closed; U Side Side Breasts, Open or Semi-Closed, Medium Depths; Lower lateral breasts, when they are obvious, to V, open, shallow. Top of ordinary green color or load; Bottom page with arachnoid toment, distributed to fiocchetti; Wavy flap, with vesicular and bulging top; Lobes with slightly sloping edges and corners at the dotted top. Main nerves on the bottom page of green, glabrous or slightly clothed. Regular dentition, in 1 or 2 series, with medium size teeth, straight or slightly well-rounded edges. Bunch: medium size, semi-tight, cylindrical cylindrical-cylindrical, sometimes winged and even pyramidal; Rays of greenish color, often brownish; Medium-length, often thick, semi-woody peduncle. Acino: medium size, round or sub-round; Regular cross section; Yellowish-to-goldenish skin, almost pinkish to full maturation and in sunny, medium-pronged, medium-sized and somewhat consistent exposure; Just on average or obviously navel; Melted pulp with a simple flavor and sugary; Medium length or almost short, almost slender and green; Look somewhat obvious, almost big and green; Medium or large and yellowish brush; Separation of the acine from the pedicle is not difficult.
特色酒 The wine obtained from the turbid grape is of straw yellow color. On the palate it is kind, fruity.
笔记 Resistance to adversity: meteoric: normal; To cryptogamous illnesses: poor resistance to ozone.

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