葡萄品种 Gaglioppo
同义词 galloppo, gaglioppa nera, gallaffa, uva navarra, galioppo di Cirò, giaioppo, galioppo nero.
葡萄色 红葡萄
芳香 中性
活力 挺好
成熟期 The third decade of September, before October.
生产率 Good and constant.
产区 It is common in Calabria, where it is the most cultivated red berry.
历史 The origins of Gaglioppo are unclear. The traditional theory is that the variety arrived with Aglianico at the time of the ancient Greeks. However, recent DNA testing suggests that it is more likely to be one of the many descendents of Sangiovese. A third theory is that both are true but that it is the result of a cross-pollination between Sangiovese and an unknown variety from Greece.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaves: medium size, pentagonal, trilobata, but often pentalobata, top glabra, matt, intense green color page. Bunch: medium or large; Elongated and conical or pyramidal, sometimes short and cylindrical; Simple or winged (with one or two wings) of compact appearance; Short peduncle, large, woody to the first branch; Medium-short pedestal, green; Short or medium brush, large, pink or vinous; Separation of the pedicle from the aquarium: easy. Acino: medium, ovoid or spheroid, not always regular, because some clusters tend to deform due to the compactness of the cluster; Circular or irregular cross section; Blackish skin, regularly distributed, with reddish or pinkish reflections; Medium-prunus or pruinose, of medium thickness and medium consistency; Navel generally non-persistent; Juicy, sometimes slightly thick pulp, sweet and simple flavor; Pink juice.
特色酒 The rosé wines have a beautiful rosé-orange color with a nice elegant and complex nose where the red fruits are predominant and resume in the mouth, with nice smells of strawberries finished with nice touches of minerality. In the reds, however, the color is ruby ​​with garnet, with a spicy and sweet licorice range of licorice, with traces of tar and floral finishes of roses, which resume even in the mouth where the structure is tannic, with a full body And a good alcoholism. The wines are robust, but not always fine.
笔记 Resistance to adversity: good to frost and drought, inconvenient to resistance to parasitic diseases, especially to mildew and oesophageal disease.

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红葡萄酒 醇
Ippolito 1845
DOC Ciro' Rosso Classico Superiore Riserva, 100% Gaglioppo
14.50%, 0,75 l
VT 4
HK$ 169.00
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