Coda di Volpe


葡萄品种 Coda di Volpe
同义词 coda di volpe bianca, coda di pecora, pallagrello bianco, falerno, durante.
葡萄色 白葡萄
活力 温和
成熟期 Second fortnight in September.
生产率 Good
产区 It is widespread in Campania.
历史 The vine is very ancient, dating back to Roman times and described in Plinio il Vecchio Naturalis History as a cut grape. It was only from 1985 that the vine began to be purified vinified, while in the assembly the Foxtail manages to extinguish the strong acidity that volcanic soils provide to wine.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaf: large, pentagonal, quinquelobata; Well developed and deep lobes; Petiole breast, limbs, deep lateral breasts, closed lira, with superimposed upper edges; The slightly underscored V-shaped, sometimes deep and U-shaped, revolving lobes, corner at the top of the upper acute lobe; Surface of the smooth flap; Top page of green cargo, matt, glabra; Fluffy bottom, light green; 1st and 2nd order ribs just aracnoid in the bottom and light green, protruding ribs of 1st, 2nd and 3rd order; Irregular, sharp teeth, sometimes with mucron, developed. Bunch: large, pyramidal in the basal part and with short wings, cylindrical with apical abutment with curved and expanded tip; Clasped or spatulate; Visible, herbaceous peduncle with red hues; Short pedicels, medium robust, green with noticeable green color; Short brush; Separation of the acorn from the pedicle is not too difficult. Acino: small, regular, subtropical; Circular cross section; Persistent and prominent navel; Pruinous peel of yellowish, consistent green; Juicy or just crisp flesh, neutral flavor.
特色酒 Generally the palate is lovable in youth, but after the first year it is approaching the dry. The structure of the body is light, sometimes softer and slightly spicy. Clearly acidic, the Fox's wines were first experimented with wood refinement, then decided for the best steel and left the characteristics of the wine unaltered, unlike the oak that instead tended to cover them without adding improvements.

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