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葡萄品种 Castiglione
同义词 Zucchero e Cannella, Zagarolese.Zucchero e Cannella, Zagarolese.Zucchero e Cannella, Zagarolese.Zucchero e Cannella, Zagarolese.Zucchero e Cannella, Zagarolese.
葡萄色 红葡萄
初始蔓延 土人
成熟期 The third decade of September and the first decade of October.
生产率 Regular; Save the cases of male flowering plants.
产区 The grape variety Castiglione is an exclusive variety of the Calabria region, present in the provinces of Cosenza and Reggio di Calabria.
历史 Unknown origin, it is a grape cultivated in the provinces of Cosenza and Reggio Calabria.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaf: medium, pentagonal, sometimes roundish; Quinquelobata or trilobata; Petiole breast in lira or U; Lateral breasts, both upper and lower, more or less narrowed V, sometimes with parallel edges; Flat lobby; Corner at the top of the obtuse terminal lobes; Upper page light green color, wavy edge surface, glabra, opaque; Green bottom page, a bit lighter than the top one; Bristling along the ribs of I and II order, glabra or with a few hairs along the ribs of 3rd order and beyond; The main green ribs, both on the top and the bottom; Protruding those of I, II and III orders; Flat flap, thin; Very pronounced teeth, at uncertain margins, straight or slightly concave; irregular; Wide base. Bunch: medium, elongated-pyramidal, with a wing, spatula or medium compactness; Medium length 22 cm, no peduncle; Semi-woody peduncle, thin, long (average) 5 cm; Medium, green pedicel, with obvious, verrucous, reddish, with normal indices; Medium, reddish brush. Acino: large, ellipsoid, regular, with regular cross section (circular); Blue-black peel, with color regularly distributed, pry-like, thick and crunchy; Persistent and prominent navel; Juicy flesh, simple flavor; Colored juice.
特色酒 The wine obtained from the grape variety is ruby ​​red, more or less intense. On the palate it is vinous, dry, tannic.
笔记 Resistance to meteoric adversity, diseases and parasites: good at first; Scarce to cryptogamic diseases, especially to "radical rot" when it is cultivated free of foot and plain; Media to animal parasites.

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