葡萄品种 Caddiu
同义词 Secondo Cettolini "Caddeo", uva rossa da vino che a Bosa dicesi "Caddu" e "Niedda Perda Serra" a Terralba.
葡萄色 红葡萄
初始蔓延 土人
活力 中好
成熟期 Late
生产率 Medium - irregular.
产区 Cultivated mainly in the lower valley of Tirso and also known by other names, including Caddu in Bosa, Niedda Perda Sarda in Terralba and Caddiu Nieddu in Oristano. It is still present throughout the Island and is part of the assemblies of all IGT sardines, while it is not mentioned in any DOP typology.
历史 You know very little about this vine.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaf: large, pentagonal, quinquelobata and rarely trilobata; Petiole breast V open, moderately deep; Semi-closed or open side breasts, sometimes with overlapping edges; Moderately profound; Lower lateral breasts, when there are, open, shallow V, shallow. Upper face glabrous, light green, bulging or wrinkled; Lower or slightly arachnid side, wavy flap, sloping lobes, with a rectangular or obtuse angle. Main nerves on the lower green side, with some hair. Medium to regular dentition, in 1 or 2 series, with medium or large teeth, on margins, medium-sized. Bunch: medium or small, semi-tight, cylindrical-conical. Acino: medium or large, spherical Peel: thick and consistent, black-purple, medium-pruinose.
特色酒 The Caddiu vine gives a ruby ​​red wine with garnet nuances. The nose is intense, with well-defined vintages and smells of ripe plum and cherry. In the mouth is warm, full, with hints of black cherry, plum, plum, flavor-aroma soft, gently spiced if refined in wood.
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