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葡萄品种 Bosco
同义词 bosco bianco, bosco bianco del genovesato, uva bosco, madea.
葡萄色 白葡萄
初始蔓延 土人
成熟期 End of September.
生产率 It has remarkable vegetative vigor; For breeding, the spinning system is adopted with the screws at about 1 meter between them and variable widths of the interlairs; Sprinkle 3-4 spurs of 3-5 gems each. But the pergola system, richer and taller (m 1.80-2) in Savona and Genoa, and the limited crops of the Sarzanese, are overlooked; In the Cinque Terre, the traditional low pergolas are used with the roof at 40-50 cm above the ground, alongside those that tend to prevail today: higher and with the inclined downward roof that rises on average am 1.50-1 , 80 from the ground.
产区 It is spread in the province of La Spezia.
历史 The name seems to derive from the very wooded features of its original land, specifically in the commune of Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre, is densely wooded. From the Cinque Terre, but is now cultivated throughout the region. Other texts want the origin to be different and the name was used to indicate the strains imported into the Cinque Terre from the woods of the Villa dei Marchesi Durazzo in Genoa. Its origins, however, have never been mentioned before the Ampelographic Bulletin of 1883, which indicated it in the province of Genoa. No previous text makes mention of it, but popular traditions want it rooted for immemorial times in Riomaggiore.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaf: pentagonal form, more than average, markedly quinquelobata, open petiole breast, upper lateral limbs above the predominantly closed liver, lower lateral limbs still in lira, but less profound; Upper leaf glabra, slightly opaque light green; Bottom page light green color, glabrous flax and bristle ribs; Leafline practically flat, with revolving edges, predominantly smooth (sometimes a little bulky), quite often; Corner at the top of the acute terminal lobes; Main ribs order 1-2-3, protruding, slightly green color on both sides. Bunch: more than medium size (cm 20-22), rather spatula, composed (double), each conical cylindrical shape, semi-hardwood and more robust; Middle pedicels, green, with noticeable enough green color, medium length brush, yellow; Separation of the pedicle from the easy acina. Acino: more than medium (mm 12-18), spheroid shape tending to the ellipsoid, regular; Circular cross section, regular; Persistent and fairly prominent navel; A pruinous peel of straw-yellow color, which becomes golden-amber from the sun-exposed part and therefore the distribution is not regular; Peel thickness more than average, consistent; Colorless juice, particular herbaceous flavor but not unpleasant; Soft and juicy pulp.
特色酒 Dried wines, however, are of light gold color that blends on strawberries in younger wines. Here, too, the olfactory range is filled with herbal perfumes and chamomile flowers with marine traces. The palate is thus fresh and sapid, very soft.
笔记 Needs: One of the most important features, always fully recognized in the "Bosco", is the adaptation of this vine to the happiest environmental conditions. This requirement, combined with the fact that it is well-liked as a direct consumption grape and also possesses great vegetative vigor and remarkable productivity, is the reason for its increased spread in modern viticulture, but there are never missions of ammonition (we have mentioned it Some), thinking of a claimed qualitative drop in wine. Such concerns do not appear to be justified anywhere, and in fact, in the Cinque Terre the Wood does not give sugary gradations lower than the other vines and also uses its excellent resistance to lacing for the preparation of sweet "reinforced" wine.

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