葡萄品种 Biancame
同义词 Bianchello, uva bianca, balsamina bianca, greco bianco, morbidella, biancone, biancuccio, greco, greco bianchello, greco bianco, biancuccio.
葡萄色 白葡萄
成熟期 The first twenty days of October.
生产率 Abundant and constant.
产区 Its production area is located on the eastern coast of northern Italy, between Emilia-Romagna and Marche, along the coast and adjacent hillsides adjacent to it.
历史 Biancame owes its name to the rather scarred color of its grapes. The origins of Biancame date back to a few centuries BC, but the spread of the vine began in the 500 BC. Tacitus even supposes that the wines produced with Bianchello (Biancame) have been the main cause of the defeat of Ausdrubale brought by the Romans in the famous Metauro war, with the Carthaginian warriors in drunkenness. The beginning of his valorization of Biancame dates back to 1969, when he gave birth to the denomination Bianchello del Metauro DOC.
识別葡萄品种特征 分类 Leaf: of medium size or almost large, pentagonal, quinquelobata; Closed petiole breast and even with overlapping edges; Upper side limbs tight closed, very deep; Lower lateral limbs in semi-closed closed, moderately deep; Upper leaf glabra, slightly pale green, vesicular and bulky; Bottom page with lanterned tomato, wavy flap, wavy lobes, with right-to-right corners; The main ribbons on the bottom of the green color, with some hair; Not very regular teeth, in one or two series, with medium-sized teeth, straight or slightly curved, medium-width. Bunch: almost large, semi-tight or semi-sparrow, cylindrical-conical, often winged and even pyramidal and bicolored, long or medium length, semi-woody peduncle; Medium length and thickness and green color; Clear, medium-sized and green-colored strands; Thick brush and yellowish-yellow. Acino: medium thickness, round, smooth cross section, thin and not very consistent skin, yellowish, often spotted with brownish punctuation and brownish spots, slightly pry-like, medium-evident navel; Melted pulp and simple flavor; Separation of the acine from the medium of medium difficulty.
特色酒 The wine obtained from the white grape is of straw yellow color. On the palate it is fruity, spicy, fresh.
笔记 In some areas, especially in the province of Pesaro, in the past it was used as a direct grain and as such was also exported. It is currently used only for winemaking.

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