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Podere Sapaio

Podere Sapaio was founded in 1999 from our passion for wine, and it grew thanks to the driving will of all those who shared the same passion and believed in the company. The philosophy of Podere Sapaio is to experiment and innovate: searching for new expressions of Bordolese vines in Bolgheri, to produce wines that are strong, elegant and long lasting at the same time.

The names Sapaio and Volpolo come from two ancient Tuscany vines: Sapaia and Volpola. They were purposely chosen to exalt the local origins of the product beginning with their names. The crown on the trademark for the Podere Sapaio is a tribute to the nobility of the wines and the land, which are always respected in the work that is carried out in the vineyard and in the cellar.

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  • Name
    Podere Sapaio
  • Region:
  • Start year
  • Address
    Loc. Lo Scopaio, 212 - Castagneto Carducci (LI)
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  • Oenologist
    Carlo Ferrini
  • Bottles produced
  • Hectares
  • Type of cultivation
    Organic farming.

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