Georges Vesselle

Georges Vesselle

Georges Vesselle's story is one of a double passion : a passion for his village of Bouzy and a passion for Champagne and HIS Champagne region !

He was Mayor of Bouzy for 25 years, vineyard manager for Mumm, Perrier-Jouet and Heidsieck Monopole, he brought many innovations in the field of viticulture in Champagne : pest control spraying by helicopter, laser-driven planting machines, in-vitro cultivation. In the 1980s, he pionneered the introduction of vineyards in India.

Georges Vesselle had five children : Xavier, Véronique, Sylvie, Eric and Bruno. Both the latter, passioned by vines and wine, became their father's partners in 1993. Each one has a well-defined role on the Estate. Eric as production manager both looks after the vines and is the winemaker. Bruno is head of business development and communication. The two brothers confer regularly and work together to create the blends making up the different cuvées.

Their father's passing away has not altered their taste for innovation and their will to move forward.

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    Georges Vesselle
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    16, rue des Postes - Bouzy (France)
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