Once upon a time there was a man with a radiant smile who venerated good food so much that it became his reason for living. And in such a joyful parade of pleasure, wine sat on the royal throne. As a restaurateur and hotelier in northern Friuli, Paron Mario soon realized that his mission was to give people emotions with his special love for wine and that, to do it fully, he had to produce wine with his own hands. 1969 was the year when he acquired the first vineyards in the Collio area, the year when the great adventure started. This engaging adventure soon featured his sons Luciano, Gianfranco and Loris as the protagonists.

The three turned their father’s teachings into virtues, learning to touch and feel the soil, follow the time and the flow of the seasons, taste the grapes getting a glimpse of the secret of their little-big miracle. In the following years the family’s land ownership increased and many dreams came true.

That small agricultural company today, with the third generation represented by Marco, Stefano and Mariaelena, has become an internationally prestigious winery, ambassador of Friulian winemaking art in the world. But the origins have not been forgotten and, what’s more, the flame of passion is increasingly vivid. Once upon a time a man, the first hero and author of a fable, wrote the first page signing it with an indelible imprint. Let’s savour this book entitled "Fantinel" ecstatically.

Tenuta Sant'Helena di Fantinel and the La Roncaia winery won Gold Medals at the prestigious Merano Wine Hunter competition with Venko 2014 and Eclisse 2021, respectively, and will also be present at the next edition of the Festival with a double dedicated space.

Information about Fantinel

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    Via Tesis, 8 - Tauriano di Spilimbergo (PN)
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    Alberto Zanello
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