It dates back to 1922, when the family bought the Ipplis mansion along with the surrounding land, starting the on-farm activities with a differentiated production. After the initial run of Antonio, founder of the company, immediately after the Second World War, the son Marino takes the lead until the late '70s, when the whole family decided to devote himself exclusively to the production of wine. Today the company, which includes 47 hectares of vineyards, is firmly hold by two nephews, Luciano and Dario, who tenaciously ensure continuity of family tradition.

Even today, following the path traced by Marino, we work with passion to lead the company in accordance with the criteria indicated by him, concentrating our enthusiasm in the pursuit of marriage between tradition and modernity. It is a long-term commitment to incorporate into each bottle an authentic wine, representative of the typical values of our territory. The care of our customers, the careful selection of raw materials, the environmental care and attention to detail are the main features that accompany us in this ambitious mission.

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    Via Solzaredo, 9 - Fraz. Ipplis - Premariacco (UD)
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    Dario e Luciano Ermacora
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