The origins of Concilio date back to 1860. That year, in Mori, a small village in the province of Trento, Angelo Grigolli began selling wines, produced in the Adige Valley, to the inhabitants of the region’s mountainous areas, thus embarking on a career as wine producer and merchant. His business grew year after year, and his use of the Merlot and Cabernet grapes gave life to what was become the company’s crowning glory: the Mori Vecio.

After Angelo Grigolli, the company was handed down from father to son until 1972, when the Grigolli family joined forces with another historic name, the company Boschi e Gamberoni, thus giving life to Concilio. The last important change occurred in 1990, when Cantina Sociale di Trento also joined the company, thus forming the current corporate structure and adding the missing element in the production chain.

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    Zona Industriale, 2 - Volano (TN)
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    Giuseppe Secchi
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