Chartogne Taillet

Chartogne Taillet

In the 7th century, the winegrowers of the village of Merfy drew on the heritage of the Benedictine monks of Saint Thierry Abbey. Generation after generation, the Merfy vine-growers, together with the abbey, shaped the vine-growing landscapes of our hills, meticulously separating each plot according to its geological origins, soils, subsoils, etc. The names were later inscribed on village maps and became the 'lieu-dits', cultivating the vines that grow there today.

The family's wine-making tradition traces back to 1490, with Nicolas Taillet and Fiacre Taillet in 1540. In 1700, a second Fiacre Taillet, a learned winegrower, wrote his memoirs recounting his life and all the important events in the village, his family and his profession. The Chartogne-Taillet family continues this tradition and savoir-faire inherited from this winegrowing heritage.

Information about Chartogne Taillet

  • Name
    Chartogne Taillet
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  • Address
    37-39 Grande Rue - Merfy (France)
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  • Oenologist
    Alexandre Chartogne
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