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Andrea Oberto

In 1959 a farmer in Langhe decided to concentrate his job in La Morra, buying a farmhouse. The family involvement was the condition to keep it: taking part of, working together, proposing new common aims.

Country life is dinamic and the farmer soon realizes that was expedient to join other activities to the vineyards work, like peach plantation and livestock. In spite of the growth of the activity, his son Andrea decided to leave the family business concentrating on other kinds of occupations in order to improve profits.

The unexpected death of his father bring him back. It was evident that what the farmer created in the 50’s was not only a job, but also a structure of a family, a passion, a territory. From 1978 Andrea Oberto takes care of this legacy fixing a personal idea of wine making a popular and high quality product.

The little farm is now a vinicultural reality with fourteen hectares, a new production facility and a wine production of 80.000 bottles sold and appreciate all over the world.

Information about Andrea Oberto

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    Andrea Oberto
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    Borgata Simane, 11 - La Morra (CN)
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  • Oenologist
    Sergio Molino
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