Vernaccia trentina

Vernaccia trentina

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Grape variety Vernaccia trentina
Synonyms Bianchetta trevigiana, Vernazzola, Vernaccia del cavalot, Vernaccia di Tezze.
Grape colour White grape
Vigour Excellent
Ripening Medium-late.
History Cultivated extensively in Trentino for a long time. It is mentioned by the 16th century poet Count Nicolò d'Arco in his ode to Vernaccia di Drò (Sarca Valley); in which he defines the wine obtained from this variety as "the best white wine in Trentino". In the nineteenth century it had a strong diffusion especially in the flat areas of the valley floor, as the market required large quantities of white must to replace the quantities of wines that were previously imported from the production of Hungarian white grapes, destroyed by phylloxera. In Trentino until the beginning of the 20th century an average of 210 thousand hectolitres of this wine was produced. The origin of the name perhaps comes from "verna" which means servant, that is, born in the master's house, therefore from "vernaceus". The term may indicate a wine intended for servitude.
Ampelographic features Apex of the bud: strong tomentosity with green internodes. Adult leaf: pentagonal, trilobed with boiling and very high density of crawling hair on the page lower. The peziolar breast is slightly open to shape of V. The upper lateral sinuses are open. the lower ones are barely mentioned. Bunch at maturity: medium, compact, conical. Berry: medium sized, ellipsoidal, wide, of green-yellow colour and neutral taste.

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