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Grape variety Pedro Ximenez
Synonyms Alamis, Alamis de Totana, Myuskadel, Pasa Rosada de Malaga, Pedro, Pedro Khimenes, Pedro Jiménez, Pedro Ximen, PX, Uva Pero Ximen, Ximen, Ximenecia und Ximénez.
Grape colour White grape
Vigour Good
Ripening Medium
Productivity The yield per strain is high and normally a screw produces 4 or 5 kg. of grapes.
Areas of cultivation Diffusedly cultivated throughout Spain especially in Andalusia.
History According to a legend, the name derives from the fact that it was introduced to Spain from the Netherlands by a German named Peter Siemens, from which the name Pedro Ximénez. As sometimes happens, there is a bit of confusion and often the vine is confused with a vine with a very similar name: Pedro Gimenez, cultivated in Argentina and Chile, where it is sometimes called Pedro Jimenez. From a research carried out by the Catholic University of Chile, together with the French National Institute of Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in Avignon, France and the Institute of Investigation of Agropecuaries (INIA), Madrid, Spain, it emerged that the various strains of Pedro Jimenez taken in Chile and Pedro Gimenez in Argentina, quite homogeneous among them, are genetically rather distant from the different strains of Pedro Ximénes picked up in Spain. Difference is such that the two different and non-coincident varieties are considered.
Ampelographic features It is characterized by a large cluster, but with remarkable heterogeneity, short peduncle, medium compactness, hard acini to detach and medium and rather uniform, slightly elliptical shape. The leaf is medium large, pentalobata, with deep side breasts.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety In spite of low acidity, it is very well tolerated by aging and even in the presence of oxidation it keeps the fruity sensations typical of the variety unchanged. Pedro Ximenez produces very aromatic sweet wines, with aromas of fruits and flowers, they have a sweet sweet taste and have very high extracts, and therefore of great body density.
Notes It is used for Sherry's production and for simple, weak-bodied Spanish wines. Very sensitive to botrytis and deworming, generally moldy and rather inclined to oge.

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