Malvasia di Lipari

Malvasia di Lipari

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Grape variety Malvasia di Lipari
Synonyms malvasia bianca.
Grape colour White grape
Aromas Semi-Aromatic
Vigour Good
Ripening First and second decades of September.
Productivity Not constant
Areas of cultivation It is widespread in the Aeolian Islands.
History The vine was introduced into the Messinese Islands already in ancient times by the Greek colonists who founded the civilization of Magna Grecia in the south of the peninsula around the 7th and 6th centuries BC, and was highly reputed also to the Romans as described by many Latin historians. Other news dates back to 1696 by Cupani, which indicates it as Malvagia, from the dialect of Marvascia. We do not know the origin of this name, its meaning, given the goodness of the vine of the area, raised mainly in the island of Salina, with a few hectares also on the mainland in the province of Messina and Catania.
Ampelographic features Leaf: medium, rounded, paleoboic; U pectoral breast; Lateral, upper and lower, deep and V; Sharp and sharp lobes; Top green-light top, smooth flap surface, glabra; Lower green page, lighter than previous, glabra; Green ribs, upper and lower, the latter brighter; Ribs of 1st and 2nd order aracnoids; Broad pronounced teeth. Bunch: medium, long, cylindrical or truncated-conic, simple, medium-spatulate; Visible peduncle, long, herbaceous, thin, yellowish; Long, thin, yellow-brown pedicel; Unquestioned, not verrucant; Short, colorless brush. Acino: medium or small, sub-round or round; Golden yellow full-bodied, full-bodied, slightly pry-like, thin and tender; Persistent navel; Juicy pulp, with aromatic and sweet flavor.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety Gilded wine, with the passionate classic scents that express beautiful floral notes stretched over herbal hints and enriched by the inevitable aroma of apricots and honey. The palate is dense and equally rich, with constant references to the olfactory range. The sweetness is balanced by good acidity, with a soft, enveloping taste.
Notes Resistance to meteoric adversity, diseases and parasites: little resistance in general.

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