Information about Dolcetto

Grape variety Dolcetto
Synonyms ormeasco, dolsin, dolsin nero.
Grape colour Red grape
Vigour Medium
Ripening Second half of September.
Productivity Good and regular only in the places that best fit; If not, irregular, very variable from one year to the next (in the unsuitable areas, it will easily drop the grapes to maturity). It would also have been observed a bit more pronounced in the "Red grape dumpling" and in the "green grapes".
Areas of cultivation It is widespread in the hilly areas of Piedmont and more so in the nearby regions.
History This is the first time that Dolcetto speaks in a document from the town of Dogliani in 1593, where farmers were invited to not waste their grapes before they were well mature. The first reliable scientific news on this grape variety dates back to 1798, by Giuseppe Nuvolone Pergamo, then deputy director of the Turin Agricultural Society, describing the qualities on behalf of the company. Subsequently in 1839 he was described by Giorgio Gallesio in his work Pomona italiana, a treat of fruit trees, now available free on the internet, which was then published in dossiers starting from 1817. Gallese had already described in 1812 the Dolcetto as an autochtonous grape Of Monferrato, returning to the subject in his work, where he also brought back all the other Piedmontese vines and their characteristics.
Ampelographic features Leaf: medium-small, pentagonal, pentalobata, red close to the petiole, top glabra, smooth, dark green color and red hues to the lips. Bunch: medium or larger, medium spatula; Long (18-20 cm), winged (with 1-2 wings) pyramidal; Peduncle rather big, brown; Medium, red, or red brown at maturity; Noticeable red, red; Medium brush, vinous red; Separation from Acino: Easy (not too often too). Acino: medium size (12 mm), of round shape, but not always constant, as is not always equal to the size of the grapes in the same cluster; Persistent navel; Well-pruned, crisp, thin black; Juicy pulp, very sweet, simple, tasty flavor; Colorless juice.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety The characteristics of the wines produced by the cake can vary greatly in the different areas, although close to each other, but generally the color is deep ruby ​​red and the intense, fruity and floral scent. The taste expresses freshness, good pseudo-caloric sensations, light tannicity, discreet softness and texture, with pleasant fruity persistence.
Notes Resistance to adversity: In general, it is considered less resistant to cryptogamic diseases of "Barbera", and also to tinnitus. It is believed to be more resistant to atmospheric adversities (gels, hail).

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