Orsolani Sule' Caluso Passito 2018 0,375 l
Orsolani Sule' Caluso Passito 2018 0,375 l

Orsolani, 0,375 l - 13,50%
100% Erbaluce

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Piémont - Italie
Blanc passerillé sucré

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10 - 12°C.


10 - 15 ans


Orsolani Sule' Caluso Passito 2018 0,375 l

From the beautiful and brilliant yellow, the nose reveals intense, clean and elegant aromas which start with recalling the dried fig and honey followed by chasing pleasing notes of dried apricot, candied fruit, quince jam and peach, date , orange marmalade, hazelnut, vanilla glazed leieve final breath. The taste is sweet but not cloying, wide, soft, velvety touch with important notes balanced by a careful note of freshness that makes the "composition" very focused. Lingering finish with flavors of dried fig, honey and peach jam.


Strong golden colour with accentuated orange reflections of a sunset.


The sweet and sunny scent that fully invades the nose recalls the overripe fruit and in particular apricots, plums and white figs. A slight oxygenation enhances the liquorice root, saffron, sandalwood and other spices with elegant tones.


It has a pleasant viscosity and continues the proposal of fruits from honey to mandarin, all supported by a beautiful "freshness" necessary to balance the sweet component of this wine.


Good with mature cheeses, excellent with natural gorgonzola, ideal with dry pastries.

Fromage à pâte persillée

Caractéristiques du produit

Nom Orsolani Sule' Caluso Passito 2018 0,375 l
Type Blanc passerillé sucré
Année 2018
Format 0,375 l
Teneur en alcool 13,50% en volume
Cépages 100% Erbaluce
Région Piémont
Histoire This ancient wine has its origins in the time of the Romans, were in fact to notice the particular thickness of the skin of the Erbaluce grapes and to begin withering and subsequent vinification.
Emplacement San Giorgio Canavese (TO)
Climat Altitude: 250-350 m. a.s.l.
Composition du sol Morainic, sandy.
Vendanges Mid-September, very rigorous selection of the grapes that have the right characteristics for drying. The grapes are collected in special boxes of about 5 kg. Drying: In the Solaio (Sulè) in a natural way until mid-March, during the month of February, particularly humid and fresh, some of the grapes were attacked by noble rot that increases the aromatic concentration.
Vinification Ginning, soft pressing, fermentation in oak barrels and aging always in cask for 3 years.
Affinage Minimum 1 year, it keeps evolving for a long time.
Allergènes Contient des sulfites
À déguster avec Good with mature cheeses, excellent with natural gorgonzola, ideal with dry pastries.
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Gambero Rosso
Gambero Rosso
Luca Maroni

Die Geschichte der Cantine Orsolani beginnt Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts, als Urgroßvater Giovanni mit seiner Frau Domenica aus Sehnsucht nach dem Heimatland aus Amerika nach Italien zurückkehrt. Sie eröffneten ein Gasthaus, die "Locanda Aurora". Die U...

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