Wood's Tenderfoot Whiskey
Wood's Tenderfoot Whiskey

Wood's High Mountain, 0,70 l - 45.00%

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14 -16°C.


Wood's Tenderfoot Whiskey

A single malt, perhaps not in the Scottish sense of the word, but all grains used from this one distillery are malts. Over 78% barley, wheat, and rye are the malted grains used with a portion of the barley cherrywood smoked and another portion chocolate malt barley. Two sizes of new American oak (25 gallon and 30 gallon) are charred to a level #3 and used for aging the whiskey.


Though the nose gives away the youthfulness of the whiskey, the aromas are pleasant with peanuts and barrel spices. There is a touch of raw rope and hay as well.


The palate changes everything, however. Beginning a touch sweet on the entry, the flavor of chocolate cherry smoke is what lingers.


Name Wood's Tenderfoot Whiskey
Spirit type Whisky
Size 0,70 l
Alcohol content 45.00% by volume
Country United States of America
Region Colorado
Allergens Contains sulphites
On offer Price Wood's Tenderfoot Whiskey CHF 60.96  inc VAT
From this distillery:

Endless red walls...miles of river..inspiration from solitude... The Grand Canyon inspires many boaters of the west and P.T. Wood was no different. After many days on the river and bottles of whiskey shared among frinds the inspiration to distill spi...

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