Panarea Island Gin

Panarea Island Gin

Lorenzo Inga, 0,70 l - 44.00%

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Piedmont - Italy

How to serve

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12 - 14°C.

Grappa/Gin (tulip-shaped)
Panarea Island Gin
Wishing to honor our Sicilian origins, we called our gin: Panarea Island Gin. Panarea is in fact the pearl of the Aeolian Islands, for us the source of unparalleled memories of past and present summers and perfumes brought by the maestral wind. We have created such a gin of Mediterranean flavors, characterized by strong notes of juniper, but where botanicals of lemon, orange, myrtle and coriander exalt its qualities, making it unique in its genre.




Fresh and spicy, with myrtle notes and fresh citrus fruits.


Intense, soft and fresh, with spicy aromas and citrus fruits.


Name Panarea Island Gin
Spirit type Gin
Size 0,70 l
Alcohol content 44.00% by volume
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Made from Distilled cereal and concentrated juniper, with infusion of botanicals including myrtle, juniper and citrus scrotum.
Origin Serravalle Scrivia (AL)
Allergens Contains sulphites
On offer Price Panarea Island Gin CHF 28.97  inc VAT
Lorenzo Inga
From this distillery:

The distillery Lorenzo Inga carries on a long family tradition of distillers: Gaetano Inga, originally from Noto, began working in 1832 in Serravalle Scrivia and the art of distillation was handed down for five generations. The Inga family specializ...


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